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from the 70s, 80s....

(and more!)

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WELCOME to JiMiG's House O' Retro! You'll find sports and music memorabilia, electronics, collectibles, and more from the 70s, 80s, and 90s. Keep a sharp eye and you'll also discover more modern items as well.

Browse my collection and take a mental stroll through days gone by. If by chance you see something you like , click on it for more details .

My Story: I grew up in northeast Ohio (70s/80s), spent my young adult life (80s/90s) in the D/FW (Dallas/Ft. Worth) area of Texas, and then moved back home to Ohio in 2004. Along the way I've managed to collect a hodge-podge assortment of items that held my interest at the time or that I felt would be worth holding on to for one reason or another.

And now the time has come to release these items (and others I've found along the way) to you. Many of these items have been safely tucked away in storage waiting for a time when I wasn't getting ready for work, then driving to work, then working, then driving home, then de-compressing, etc. If there was a silver lining to COVID, at least for me, it was gaining that 1-1/2 hr. drive time that used to be my commute by becoming a remote worker. And, quite frankly, I'm getting too old to be spending the majority of my life's hours improving someone else's business, even if I am getting paid for it.


"Always look for the silver lining," my mom would say. Well that, and "Always look for the helpers in a crisis," which I'm sure she borrowed from Mr. Rogers. So, that's what I'm doing. The silver lining is me finally having the time to create and manage an online store. The helpers have been there all along, keeping me afloat so I could see my way through to this, and in turn, perhaps bringing you some long lost joy for something from our shared past. Thanks for taking the time to check out JiMiG's House O' Retro -you rock!!   \m/  .

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